Aura photography equipment

The aura display systems are designed on the basis of biofeedback technology. During many years these technologies have been improving, and now a biofeedback sensor displays data with maximal accuracy. Thus, any user can have a concrete visual representation of their aura. The system reproduces graphs on biodata, emotional state and other indicators as additional information. Read more about how it works.

Aura sensor MBGA provides the following results which are available in any world language:

We supply the equipment in several different configurations:

Complete with the sensor 2016 and the two programs

This kit includes:

  • Sensor MbGA (one hand)
  • Basic and New Software version
  • Tutorial on the chakras and aura analysis
  • Long-term warranty and technical support
  • Delivery of the equipment by arrangement

We also recommend that you purchase your own or order from us:

  • Webcam Logitech C-525 or Webcam Logitech BCC-950.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that training is essential for the successful aura sensor application. Equipment is delivered by arrangement. Theoretical and technical training, as well as recommendations on how to effectively organize the business will be provided for free.

It is also possible to receive training on the new forward-looking program code-π (from professional integration) for company executives, business coaches, HR-professionals for the office personnel, psychologists and psychoanalysts. This program allows for the use of equipment in the business training, team building, personal growth, goal-setting, conflict resolution and compatibility.

We also encourage you to read more in detail with Aura photography equipment.