Sophie Huang (South korea)

Maksim has been helping us to install the program patiently and with nice manner. We successfully installed the program in two pcs of our laboratory. And also we have tested the aura and chakra difference before and after skin care service or massage service to help justify the efficacy of skin care products...

Viviane Adams (CANADA)

Hello! I just finished learning about Aura camera and aura reading, with Maksim Z and I’d like to get you a little feed-back about this very exciting experience. Maksim was a wonderful mentor for me: very patient, caring, nice, positive in addition to be a great seller...

Larry Lambert (USA)

We are very pleased with the Questland Aura Camera system and it performs better than advertised. We developed a process flow of how to use the system and after that we have been very pleased. The picture quality and printed results are very well received by our clients...

Fabio Musumeci (Italy)

Hola, mi nombre es Fabio Musumeci, soy Astrologo, Tarologo, numerology, epiritista... Mis Inicio dentro de la parte esoterica comenzo a la edad de 7 a 8 años de edad... Que veia a la gente brillare, però no sabia que era eso...


I normally using Aura camera for check Chakra levels to give proper Rudraksha for clients and Aura camera working fine no issues, But I found many peoples Chakra levels very weak in 1 and 7 Chakras, what is the reason, Normally 1 Chakra related to financial, 7 Chakra related to god blessing...
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Understand your aura and be brighter!

The activities of “Questland” LLC reflect a growing societal interest in psychology. Therefore the company manufactures products and offers services that allow us to open the secrets of the inner human world.

The company offers a unique MbGA software package – software that displays a person’s aura and its energy centres (chakras).

This exclusive software package is currently being actively sold in Russian regions, as well as neighbouring countries and beyond. You can find out more details about purchasing the software package in Software section and the commercial proposal that has a clear and detailed business plan.

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