Understand your aura and be brighter!

The activities of “Questland” LLC reflect a growing societal interest in psychology. Therefore the company manufactures products and offers services that allow us to open the secrets of the inner human world.

The company offers a unique device – the aura sensor MbGA that displays a person’s aura and its energy centres (chakras).

This exclusive device is currently being actively sold in Russian regions, as well as neighbouring countries and beyond. You can find out more details about purchasing the device in the Equipment section and the commercial proposal that has a clear and detailed business plan.

We are partners with

Bliss Technology Pty.Ltd.
Mr. Valery Bliss B.Sc.M.SC
1. IT Architect, Consultant
2. Co-Healing (Aura and Clearing)
25/3-15 CHristie Street
Woollstonecraft, NSW, 2065 Australia
Mobile: +61406110159 (Viber & Whatsapp)
Email: valery.bliss@gmail.com
Skype: blisstechnology

Aura Center "Samhita"
Victiria Turcan
Bulgaria Plovdiv, ul.Pop Manol 1A
Mobile: +359 988 805113
Email: auracentersamhita@gmail.com