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I normally using Aura camera for check Chakra levels to give proper Rudraksha for clients and Aura camera working fine no issues, But I found many peoples Chakra levels very weak in 1 and 7 Chakras, what is the reason, Normally 1 Chakra related to financial, 7 Chakra related to god blessing. Any how I really satisfied with your aura camera. No problem at all. Thanks (Я обычно использую Аура Камеру для проверки уровня энергии чакр с целью правильно подобрать плоды Рудракши для клиентов. Аура Камера работает превосходно и без нареканий. Но я обнаружил, что у многих людей низкий уровень энергии в 1 и 7 чакрах. В чём причина? Обычно 1 чакра отвечает за финансы, 7 чакра - за божественное озарение. В любом случае я доволен вашей Аура Камерой Вопросов нет Благодарю!)

Larry Lambert, CHt , www.galaxyhypnosis.com, Galaxy Hypnosis Center, Maryland, USA

We are very pleased with the Questland Aura Camera system and it performs better than advertised. We developed a process flow of how to use the system and after that we have been very pleased. The picture quality and printed results are very well received by our clients. Our clients are thrilled to see their Aura Photo and receive the associated analysis results. The software support from you have been outstanding and very responsive to our needs. We highly recommend this system and use it as a part of our business on a daily basis. We use our system at metaphysical events and gatherings throughout the Eastern United States. I will send a separate email about recommended updates and software changes. Do you have any schedule of new updates I should be aware of? More to follow later.

Fabio Musumeci, viaje25@hotmail.com, Astrologer, Taro practitioner, numerologist, Italy

Hola, mi nombre es Fabio Musumeci, soy Astrologo, Tarologo, numerology, epiritista... Mis Inicio dentro de la parte esoterica comenzo a la edad de 7 a 8 años de edad... Que veia a la gente brillare, però no sabia que era eso... Con el pasar del tiempo siempre tenia esta vision... De alli comenzo mi busque da a nivel espiritual,,, empeze a ir a varios sitios esoterico en busque da de respuesta, estube el llos Rosà cruces, Metafisico, Evangelico, Testimonio de Jeova, y Centro Espiritistas en mi Pais Venezuela... Cuando llego en mis manos unos de los tantos libros que me hablaba del aura y sus colores... Alli comprendi que era eso lo que yo veia... A la edad de 18 años, escuche hablar de la Camara Kirlian y de llos estudios realizado de los hermanos Kirlian, estudio serio y abalado por muchos científicos, me interesso este tema... Pero para aquel entonces no podia comprar tal equipo... Gracias a el equipo de Maxim, hoy en dia pude adquirir el equipo... Son personas responsabile, seria, y dedicado a su trabajo... Les doy las gracias infinitamente, porque gracias a este equipo e podido conocer mas de los chakras, las funzione que riguen, asi como su tratamiento para mejorar su energia y asi el aura... Es impressionante como la ciencia a avanzando con pasos agigantados... Y lo que yo veo mediante la concentration, la camara Kirlian lo puede mostrar al publico en 40 segundos y con su interpretacion en varios idiomas, a parte del Profesor Maxim que me estubo preparando para el manejo del programa y saber interpretare elgrafico, le agradesco enormemente e infinitamente por su conocimiento, paciencia y ganas de ensenarme... Dios me lo bendiga a el y todo el equipo que trabaja con el...!

Nellie Smith, sensitivesage@gmail.com, Master Healing Practitioner/Instructor, Sensitive Sage, USA, Suwanee

I truly enjoy the Aura Camera I purchased through Questland. Unlike others I looked into, this one offers the male/female energy ranges as well. The graphics are easy to see and read. I can't express enough my immense gratitude to their support team and Maxim who was my representative. Their team and product are amazing and a great enhancement to my healing business. Warm wishes

Renaat Teuwen, teuwenrenaat@gmail.com, physiotherapist and a naturotherapist, Belgium

My experiences with the AURA CAMERA are very positive in all senses. I use now about 6 weeks the camera and this opens a new world for me. I am a physiotherapist and a naturotherapist searching possibilities to help my patients. After long searching I found the company QUESTLAND in Russia. I had contact with Questland and I was surprised about the service they offered me. Very important - They asked me to pay with Paypal. This gives you immediately a save feeling that this is a serious company. The service after delivery was perfect and I could contact them on every moment, especially Maksim who speaks perfect English. One thing: probably a bigger manual for a starting therapist.

Michelle Sanders, MichelleRSanders@rhyta.com, Consultant

I am intimately familiar with the aura camera as I work with it in various locations and cities for around 5 years. I am a mechanical engineer, and recently have been evolving into a spiritual psychologist. It is very interesting and useful for me to trace the mechanics of interior processes with the aura camera. It is useful, because a psychological practice that helps a person exit a crisis has been clearly established. The device sensitively identifies and shows the energy sources of difficulties. The aura sensor is good for businessmen because it stimulates the self-perfection process. Also, customers are attracted to its creative research flow. The purchase of the device pays for itself quickly, and working with it is not only profitable, but also captivating in terms of the diversity of discoveries and meetings. Aura photography interests managers, doctors, psychologists, prominent directors, scientists, artists, lawyers, sportspeople, coaches, teachers – everyone really!

Jose Beaudoin, JoseJBeaudoin@rhyta.com, businessman

I purchased the aura camera as a ready-made business around 6 months ago and installed it in one of my shops instantly. I used it as a bonus when a customer spends a large sum in the shop. The results are good; I aim to install this in my other shops, maybe open a separate location.

Margaret Worth, MargaretCWorth@teleworm.us

I like everything esoteric. A few years ago I opened up a small shop and started to sell various pendants, amulets and stones. The business was good, but the shop did not have that x-factor; I thought long about the ways in which people can remember my small shop. The MbGA aura camera has helped me greatly with this. I was very surprised when I realized that this is not just an x-factor but also a highly profitable business. This was the first time I purchased ready-made business with detailed technology and instructions. Opening up an aura photography station did not have any complications and formed a steady stream of regular customers who also bought various bits and pieces. Their main reason for coming became the aura photography. I made back the investment in 4 months! I am in awe, and thinking about purchasing another aura camera. =)

Fermin Gasaway, FerminMGasaway@teleworm.us, businessman

Last year I was in possession of a small sum of $10k. I really wanted to purchase a ready-made business, but could not find any such offers anywhere. The sum is not too big of an investment. I was very surprised to find, after 6 months, a ready-made business of aura photography. I purchased the business MbGA aura camera set. All that was left was to register an LLC. Now I have two locations, while the investment was recovered 6 months after opening the first one.

Karen White, KarenDWhite@rhyta.com, HR manager

I work as an HR manager in a very large company. Once, I read about aura cameras in a magazine, and went to take a photo of my aura. I was very surprised by the accuracy of the analysis results. Then I decided that an aura camera is absolutely essential when hiring personnel. When offering serious salaries, you want to be confident in the people that you hire. The aura camera allowed me to solve the problem with the personnel in our company. The simplest test shows how far does the person fit the position for which they applied, it is clear how seriously inclined they are. Aura camera is an irreplaceable assistant when hiring personnel.

Raymond Figueroa, RaymondAFigueroa@teleworm.us, consulting

Would you believe it, just how much the aura camera helps me during consulting! I work as a business development consultant. Taking photos of the auras of my clients increased the effectiveness of my work dramatically, now I know for sure, where the problem is within a person. I only have to explain how to beat the undesired character trait, and that is it. Aura camera is just great!

Thomas Hudson, ThomasBHudson@jourrapide.com, CEO

It has been a year since I started to develop a network of aura photography stations, the clients are happy and the business is profitable. I think I found a gold mine. Lidia, what do You think, is it possible that for a whole year the camera is always correct? We have served over 1000 clients and no one has said that the aura camera gives out incorrect information. People were disagreeing with some results, but not everyone is prepared for the truth. I think that Your friends are too sceptical. I am 100% certain that the camera works. Best Regards, Thomas B. Hudson

Sheryl Carr, SherylJCarr@dayrep.com

I bought the aura camera and loved that Questland helped grasp how to utilize the aura camera, they explained what to do and how, promised to help in the future.

Maxine , France

To show to what level Maksim was prepared to go, I am a computer idiot, I thourght I had down loaded micro soft office ready for the installation of aura camera, I had not, Maskim did not get cross, he just installed all that was needed at 1 am in the morning, I did say that his boss should be very happy to have such a loyal and hard working employe, I have a business , I have 7 people working for me, not one would have done that, .... you are a Lucky boss !! The training is very good, simple but constructive, which is how it should be, I have questioned Maksim a few times, he is a novel of information, I take my hat off to him for managing to keep the tutorials simple and easy to understand, anyone who is doing this at a pro level will discuse with Maksim, he knows what he is talking about! If I was to call Maksim now, he would get back to me, I feel he is very passionate about aura camera,and VERY proffesional, it is a very effective device, I am addicted to it,it is spot on and for what ever reason, i choose your company, I know not??? but on the grounds you must all be spiritual, then I know my answer I have now had time to use your aura camera, I understand totally how it all works,thanks to Maksim, his English is better than mine!! as a boss, I am very jealous, you have a member of staff who goes beyond, even today Sunday, he was working; my guys 8-5 monday to thursdayFriday 8 - 12, you are a very lucky boss, I would emploi Maksim tomorrow my whole concept with aura camera has been ace, thankyou Maskim


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